3 Myths About Sleep

Myths About Sleep

Sleep is the most crucial passive activity a human body performs to keep recuperate any kind of loss happens in the body throughout the day. A good night sleep fixes the wear and tear of muscles which get engaged in performing our day-to-day activities. If a person fails to get sufficient sleep on an odd night then it wouldn’t produce a much negative impact on the health except that the individual may feel grumpy and restless throughout the following day. In a case when you feel fatigue and drained out in the morning without any logical reason, it means the quality of sleep you had the previous night was not up to scratch.  A sporadic non-fulfilment of sleep can be neglected but when such deprivation perpetuates over a long period of time, then the individual may get prone to serious sleep disorder like insomnia.

The biggest irony about the sleep issues in human is despite the availability of the right treatments of the various sleeping disorders, people still surmise a random drug as the effective remedy. But, the opted treatment based on conjecture may go to complete vain. It’s crucial that in a case of serious health issue like insomnia the person doesn’t hold any misbeliefs or myths which can further exacerbate the condition.

Following Are the Few Myths About Sleep:

  • Old People Sleep Less—It’s Normal  

Many people have this conception that as we grow older, our body doesn’t require as much sleep as it did before. A healthy individual would need between 6 to 8 hours of sleep normally to keep the body functioning properly. As we age, the circadian clock shifts at an early stage, which means that the sleep time may change and whereas a 40-year-old guy would feel sleepy at 10 P.M, a 70-year-old man’s eyelids might get leaden with sleep at 8 P.M. Also, at old age, the physical strength decline and our body cells need more time to recuperate than that of a younger individual. Therefore, it’s an outright myth that old people don’t require 8 hours of sleep. When an old individual doesn’t get enough sleep, he/she can buy sleeping pills or tablets and take a mild dose of such medicine to gain adequate sleep. If in case a person is confused among the pool of sleeping pills in UK, Zopiclone tablets are the generic sleep drug which can be purchased easily from any pharmacy.

  • You Can Cover Sleep Loss Of One Night On The Following Night

People who are slammed in their white-collared jobs often don’t get enough time to sleep and somehow developed a notion that if they can go by with few hours of sleep on the weekdays and can compensate that sleep loss with a long snooze on the weekends. You should know that it’s purely a myth and the natural sleep/wake cycle of the body doesn’t support such practices.

  • Using Electronic Gadgets At Bedtime Takes Away The Somnolence

Many insomnia patients are told that usage of any electronic times right before the bedtime can kill sleepiness. But, people usually generalize all electronic devices in this context. Only light-emitting devices can affect the eyes and may reduce the sleepiness. But, you can still use your mobile phones or laptop by reducing the brightness of the screen. In case of those people who are bound to work till grave hours of the night and fail to achieve sleep can buy sleeping pills online and opt for a small dose of such sleep medicine. It is advised to buy zopiclone or buy ambien which are considered as safe prescription sleeping tablets but available as Over-the-Counter medicines as well on some platforms.

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