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5 Strange Facts About Insomnia

Insomninsomnia factsia is a common sleeping disorder found which has currently approx 90% population under its effect in the UK. The clinical definition of insomnia is “the disturbance of the endogenous chemical balance in the central nervous system which impairs the regulation of the circadian rhythm and makes the affected individual unable to achieve sleep.” Undoubtedly, the state of insomnia can squeeze all the energy and peace out of the affected person and a treatment of such medical condition is an inevitable need.

With the increase of this sleep-deprivation disease, there has been long of information circulating on several websites but the medical abbreviations and the complex language of such articles sometimes become unfathomable for a layman. Here, in this article, we will know about some of the most strange but coherent facts about insomnia which will help you to deepen your knowledge about insomnia. And, if someone is victimized by such sleep disorder, the individual can fight the ailment in a much more effective way.

Following are those unheard 5 facts about insomnia:


hereditary disease

  1. Insomnia can be a hereditary disease in your family

Sleep problems could be going on in your family from several generations. Astounding, right?

Well, yes! In a 2007 study by one of the elite medical institute, the researchers found that out of 900 participants who said were good sleepers, a large percentage of those participants were having some initial symptoms of insomnia. On further study and observation of those participants, it was revealed that more than 35 % of those had a family history of sleep problems. Now, it might sound like a coincidence. But, this study was backed by the following study on insomnia conducted in 2008. In the latter study, it was reported that out of 800 insomniac teenage participants were found to be having a family history of insomnia. Their parents or grandparents suffered from a stage of insomnia at some stage of life.

irregular sleep

  1. Irregular Sleep Time Can Cause Weight Gain And Insomnia

If you are one of those who has a fixed time of sleep on weekdays but you don’t follow that schedule on weekends then you could face “social jet lag.”

You must have experienced that when you change the schedule of sleep on weekends, then on Monday morning, you might feel that you didn’t get enough sleep (even after sleeping ample time). That’s because of the sudden change in sleep time. Also, studies show that this frequent change in sleep time causes weight gain. The irregularity in the sleep schedule can even escalate to insomnia. Consistency in the sleep schedule can help a person to avoid falling in the moat of a sleeping disorder.


Pets And Bugs

  1. Pets And Bugs Either Can’t Evade From Insomnia

We can call this the most recent discovery. Studies have revealed that animals and bugs also get affected by sleep disorder like insomnia.

A study conducted on the flies was conducted, which suggested that a bunch of flies didn’t get ample sleep for a period of time. The consequence was evident in their flying pattern on the next day. Flies, which didn’t get ample sleep were not able to attain flight with usual speed. Bug, which didn’t have consistency in their sleep time also suffered from similar problems.


Hormonal Changes Can Cause Insomnia

  1. Women’s Hormonal Changes Can Cause Insomnia

It might sound preposterous, but it’s a staggering truth. The frequent imbalance in the hormonal level of women can cause sleep disorder like insomnia. This includes the fluctuation of hormones during pregnancy, menopause and even during menstruation cycle.

Most of the women affected by the disturbance in their sleep cycle use sleeping pills in UK. However, cheap sleeping tablets like Ambien pills produce short-term relief to insomnia affected person but such medications are not recommended for a longer run.

Hormonal imbalance in women also causes depression and anxiety in certain cases. To overcome such medical conditions, you can buy diazepam in UK, which is an FDA recommended anti-anxiety medication.

  1. An Insomniac Attempting To Take Alcohol To Gain Peaceful Can Be Life-threatening

Several people affected by insomnia seek resort in alcohol and hope to get sleep under the effect of liquor.

For a shorter span of time, people might find this as an effective method to fight insomnia. But, studies show that a person affected by a sleep disorder, when takes alcohol on a regular basis can even experience worse effects on the health. Desperation is not the way to find an ultimate solution. There are medical solutions to fight the problem of insomnia. And sleeping tablets in UK is the most proven way to treat sleep disorder.

Anyone who is sure about his/her sleep disorder can buy sleeping tablets which are FDA approved. There are safe sleeping pills which are scientifically proven as the effective medicine for different sleeping disorders. One such medicine is Zopiclone—a medicine which is classified as a nonbenzodiazepine drug. People can buy sleeping pills like zopiclone online from a drug supplier without a prescription and can get rid of a pesky sleep-related problem instantaneously.

5 tips for good sleep

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