A Fusion Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Sleeping Pills Can Fight Insomnia

Many people have been seen putting up one similar question about some alternate method to fight insomnia that eschews prescription sleeping pills. Insomnia is a prevalent sleeping disorder which can cause critical health problem if goes untreated for a long run.

Insomnia is a state in which the affected person fails to achieve a peaceful sleep despite persistent efforts. In other words, a person never feels the somnolence even when he undergoes extreme physical exertion. Now, that’s a very fretful state, imagine you have been working 8 to 10 hours a day without rest, and for the entire week you couldn’t catch even a fleeting nap.

Mostly, people affected by insomnia, seek doctor’s consultation. And, till some time ago, most of the medical practitioners always would prescribe some sleep drugs for a short-term treatment of insomnia. But, the recent advances of medical science have led to the discovery of some non-drug treatments of sleep-related problems like insomnia and parasomnia. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is of the non-drug treatment which is recently discovered to be effective for the treatment of insomnia and other sleep-related issues.


Cognitive behavioural therapy is a structured program which helps to identify the thoughts and signals being transmitted in the brain that is responsible for sleep problems. After identifying those impaired signals, those are replaced by signals which induce peaceful sleep. Unlike any medicinal compound, cognitive behavioural therapy treats the sleep problem from the roots and can produce relief on a permanent basis.

Cognitive therapy involves in tweaking the signal transmission of the brain whereas the behaviour therapy performed on the sleep disorder patients includes the following steps:

  •    Sleeping Education –It is a step where the patient is taught about the basic components of the sleeping disorders. It involves fathoming the patient that how the sleep-wake cycles of the body regulate and any impairment in such cycle can damage the sleep hygiene.
  •    Psychotherapy of The Patient—This process involves helping the patient in getting rid of any negative thoughts which might cause hindrance in attaining a peaceful sleep.
  •    Restriction On Sleep—This step involves educating the patient that unnecessary time spent on the bed just due to laziness. Such habit can cause poor sleep once it becomes habitual. The patient is advised to spend only those moments on the bed when he/she feels somnolence.
  •    Sleep Hygiene—This process includes educating the patient about the different lifestyle habits which might cause an effect on the sleeping patterns. Excess intake of alcohol, smoking and too much caffeine are some of the common things to cause disturbances in the sleeping habits.

Sleeping Pills Which Can Be Combined With The Aforementioned Therapy

Although cognitive therapy can be effective in the treatment of sleeping disorder like insomnia you can combine it with effective sleeping aids like zopiclone pills and Ambien pills—FDA approved sleeping pills in UK which can treat insomnia. You can buy sleeping pills from a certified platform and simultaneously continue cognitive and behaviour therapy. When you use some safe and cheap sleeping tablets, you don’t have to be afraid of getting an edition of those compounds as FDA approves those drugs as safe substances which can be weaned off easily.

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