Classification of sleeping pills

Classification Of Sleeping Pills

The Diversity In Sleeping Pills: Benzodiazepine To Barbiturates

A hectic lifestyle has pervaded in the society and the incessant expectations from people disquiet them on most occasions. It’s obvious that under the onus to catch up in the life’s race with others in the surrounding, a person struggles to attain the most crucial thing which is responsible to regulate the physical and mental health. We are referring to “SLEEP” here, a passive activity which recharges the body cells after a grueling day.

When the mind fizzles to perform such passive activity of sleep, the exhausted cells of the body does not recuperate well. This leads to fatigue, foggy thinking and grumpiness on the following day. In simple terms, we refer this state as sleep-deprivation which escalates to a sleep disorder called insomnia, if goes untreated for long time.  As per the International Classification Of Sleep Disorders (ICSD), there are 8 kinds of insomnia that exists in human race.

People understand it that getting riddance from such serious health problem is a crucial need. But it becomes a confusing task to choose the right sleeping pills. It might be very surprising to know for many people that there is not one general category of sleeping pills. And, each class of these sleep drugs have different way of functioning on the sleep cells or neurons of the nervous system.

Sleep medicines are classified into the following three classes of drugs:



  • Benzodiazepines (AKA Benzos )


This name may sound like a complex scientific term but unknowing you have been taking medicines which are from this class of drugs. Medicines like Xanax in UK and Valium is UK are greatly used but people don’t bother looking into the literature of the medicines. Next time when you go to buy Xanax in UK, you can read through the label of the drug and you would find it belongs to the benzodiazepine class of drugs. Mostly, anti-anxiety medicines owe their origin to this class of medicine but there are some sleeping pills in UK which are classified in this family of drugs. Benzos work by increase the GABA (one type of neurotransmitter) in the central nervous system that relaxes the brain and inhibits the transmission of any stress signals to the body. Mostly, these medicines are prescription-only drugs as they contain some addictive properties but some OTC sleeping pills in UK from this family of medicines can be sourced from online pharmacies.



  • Barbiturates ( The Less Famous Family Of Sleep Medicines)

Barbiturates are one of the classes of sleep medicines which were first discovered between 1960 to 1970. There were many sleeping pills synthesised which owed their origin to this class of drugs but unfortunately, those sleep medicines carried unwanted risk with them and cases with negative side-effects related to these medicines increased with time. Although there were several insomnia and anxiety-based drugs was formulated under this category and people chose to buy sleeping pills from this class as well, but results were not so effective. These medicines were found highly addictive and caused for serious side-effect like hallucination. The negativity about these types of medicines pervaded in the market and soon manufacturers avoided to produce any medicine which would consist barbiturate properties.



  • Nonbenzodiazepines (Also called Z Drugs in colloquial terms)


This is perhaps the most recently classified family of drugs which are by far proven to be the safest sleeping pills in UK. Medicines like Ambien and Lunesta belong to this drug class and are considered safe for use. Medicines from this drug class work similar as that benzodiazepines work but have different chemical composition. Medicines from this family are mostly prescription drugs but fortunately generic drug like zopiclone is a part of this drug class. Insomnia patients are not oblivious to this medicine and have been choosing to buy zopiclone for years. But, ironically, most of the users of the drug remain unaware of the fact that zopiclone belong to nonbenzodiazepine family.  Zopiclone is one of the few generic sleeping tablets in UK available which can be acquired without prescription, however, doctors repeatedly advise to do a control usage of such medicines to avoid any unpleasant side-effect.

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