Sleeping Pills for Insomnia

How Aging Cause Problems in Elderly People

Declining liver and kidney function

As we age, our kidneys become, liver becomes weak and our immune system changes. Your doctor or physician may prescribe you the lower dosages to help you avoid problems in old age.

Brain and nervous system

The brain and nervous system become more sensitive to medications as we age. The best way to avoid problems or side effects of sleep remedies in old age is to consume lower dosages only.


Failing eyesight can cause problems with reading instructions and information leaflets on the medicines and this could lead to the incorrect usage of your drugs. Also, certain medications are not recommended for people with severe eyesight problems. Make sure you consult a doctor you suffer from any severe eye disease.

Bones and joints

These are common problems affecting elderly people, and can cause particular problems with getting medicines for insomnia. Since long and continuous use of pills may weaken your body system, it is advised to start with the lower dosage of sleeping pills to ensure they don’t harm you and work well to cure insomnia.


Many elderly men and women have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. You should always take tablets and capsules with plenty of water while following your doctor’s prescriptions. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have difficulty swallowing because there are some liquid options available now.

Although your doctor will do their best to minimize such problems, there are a number of things you and your healthcare provider need to understand to ensure medicines provide the desired effect with minimal effects. Sleep medicines should only be used as a short-term treatment only. This is because if you use them for longer than one month, they are likely to cause addiction, dependence or other side effects. Always take them as and when recommended. This is important because misusing these drugs may lead to the side effects such as dizziness, headache, drowsiness, memory problems, concentration issues, anxiety, etc. To ensure better results, make sure you combine sleeping tablets with a great diet, exercise and avoid other medications, alcohol and stimulants.

Sleeping tablets should not be stopped suddenly to avoid withdrawal effects. Your doctor will advise on how and when to stop your medicines gradually.

Age is one of the big factors leading to sleep problems in men and women around the world. Although insomnia is experienced by some young adults, it is more common among older adults. As we age, our immune system, heart health and brain functions tend to become weak or less active. We are more prone to anxiety, worry, stress and depression. The result is sleeplessness. Thankfully, there are some effective and safe sleeping pills available on the market today. Some of the most popular tablets for sleeplessness include ambien, zopiclone, xanax and diazepam.

Most sleeping tablets are safe enough and don’t cause serious side effects to the human body. There is no harm of taking such medicines as long as you take them as per the recommended guidelines. When not used properly or misused in any way, these drugs are likely to cause side effects. However, elderly people can be at increased risk of the side effects of sleep drugs for various reasons, which may include:

  • The ageing body are likely to be more susceptible to the side effects of sleeping tablets
  • Elderly people with various diseases can end up taking multiple medicines at a time. With multiple medicines, there is an increased chance of side effects and interactions between medicines.
  • The physical effects of ageing, such as weak immune system, arthritis and failing eyesight and memory can also cause problems in taking medicines the way your doctor recommended or intended.
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