The Connection Of Binge Eating And Sleeping Disorders

It might be very astounding to know for many of the readers that indulging into excessive eating can be due to lack of sleep in the previous night. A research team from a medical institute conducted a study on sleep disorders commonly found in the large portion of the population in UK. Astounding revelations were found that most females with various sleeping disorders (majority were affected by insomnia) got prone to binge eating. The studies gave solid evidence that binge eating is considerably related to sleep disorders.

Although in official records of medical science the connected between binge eating and sleep disorders hasn’t been established yet, the excessive diet without having proper and enough sleep is explicit sign of a nasty and metabolic cycle. Such habits can lead to big complications on the health and disrupt the hormonal balance in the body.

An Insight Of The Research Conducted On Binge Eating

To analyse the link amid binge eating and sleep disorders, the researchers garnered information on 4109 females. The participants in the study aged between 21 years to 50 years. A long questionnaire was prepared pertinent to the subject of sleeping disorders and the sleeping habits. Also, the scientists used an instrument based Structure Clinical Interview to measure the binge eating tendency of the participants. The evaluation process of each participant was although lengthy but it revealed that more than 17 % women suffering from a prevalent sleeping disorder like insomnia were obese and were distraught by their binge eating habits. The conclusive report of the studies suggested that out of all the participants 3.2% people were found to have persistent problem of insufficient sleep, 5.75% women were suffering from poor quality of sleep and 5.9 % people were those who were found with disturbed sleeping habits.

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